By 2018, more than half of all B2E mobile apps will be created by enterprise business analysts using codeless tools

Conventional mobile application development platforms (MADPs) are rapidly introducing graphical tools for the design of screens, workflow and data sources to reduce the scope of possible projects. The use of codeless tools for the rapid development of straightforward projects by IT and enterprise business analysts will become an alternative to outsourcing, limiting the use of development partners to more-advanced projects. IT departments that provide clean APIs for internal applications and also support codeless tools will create a framework that enables and accelerates the growth of reliable digital business. Those that resist will be bypassed and promote shadow IT.

-Source Gartner

New Development Platforms Emerge For Customer-Facing Applications

Firms Choose Low-Code Alternatives For Fast, Continuous, And Test-And-Learn Delivery

Hand-coding is too slow to develop and deliver many of the applications that companies use to win, serve, and retain customers. Some firms are turning to new, "low-code" application platforms that accelerate app delivery by dramatically reducing the amount of hand-coding required. Faster delivery is the primary benefit of these application platforms; they also help firms respond more quickly to customer feedback after initial software releases and provision mobile and multichannel apps. Usage of low-code platforms is gaining momentum for customer-facing applications. This report analyzes the requirements, products, and potential benefits driving this trend, as well as the implications for software delivery methods, governance, and cultures.

-Source Forrester


Choose from a  library of modules and enable the business processes. Update and relaunch from your conference room meeting with the functional experts. 

Pre configured functionality to get started.



Job application and hiring
Manage shifts
Manage train plans and enrollment
Conduct performance evaluations
Conduct 360 degree evaluations
Cross organization messaging and communication

Enrol employee
Manage absence
Ensure statutory compliance
Manage skills
Advanced skill search
Search based on skills and roles


Request for quote
Analyze quotes
Manage supplier base

Issue materials
Receive materials

Manage purchase requests
Manage purchase orders
Release orders per schedule



Manage asset master
Maintain asset wise daily logs
Track assets on a geography
Receive alerts based on pre-set behavioral thresholds
Manage equipment maintenance & repairs
Manage asset scheduling and utilization


Maintain project information, schedules, budgets
Manage execution specifications
Manage bill of quantities (schedule of values)
Maintain detailed BOQ wise cost workouts
Manage day to day project execution job cards


Group Personal Accident  
Machinery Break Down  
Marine / Storage / Erection All Risks  
Marine Insurance  
Motor Insurance
Overseas Mediclaim / Travel  
Personal Accident  
Professional Indemnity  
Public Liability  
Special Contingency  
Stocks Insurance  
Workmen Compensation


Advanced Loss of Profits  
Burglary Insurance  
Cash Insurance  
Contractor All Risk  
Contractors Plant & Machinery  
Directors & Officers Liability  
Electronic Equipment  
Employee Dependent Parents Mediclaim  
Employees Group Mediclaim  
Employees Deposit Linked Insurance  
Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
Fire Insurance
Group Gratuity


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