95% of the initial seed capital is spent on technology before go-live

80% of the startups fail due to wrong product fit

Over 40% of the initial cost is spent year on year in maintaining and upgrading the application.


The Cloudseed Advantage

Validate assumptions in days and weeks instead of waiting months and years before the MVP (minimum viable product) hits the market.

Give yourself continuous pivot space and fine-tune functionality as per market resonance.


THE Process

1- Consult with us to determine your startup's scope and our capability fit.

2- Work with us to determine applicable information objects and the new ones to be configured on the platform. We will also use the pre-built UI templates from our library and operationalize the application. We will help you upload some sample data and you will begin to use the application. 

3- You will get a sense of how the core app works and will come up with fresh ideas. We will update the configuration, setup workflows and role based security profiles.


What is your BIG idea?

Please get in touch.