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Built an application platform as a service (aPaaS) to configure and launch enterprise and web-scale applications without any coding.

The codeless application configuration platform used to launch SaaS applications without having to write any code. 

The business objects are modelled in JSON schemas that may be modified at runtime. Most data types including structs and arrays may be defined. The data types may be flagged for search indexing and filtering of records. 

The inter-relationships between the schema objects are modelled as 1-many, many-to-many, or 1-1 relationships. 

View and results-set caching may be enabled to ensure under 10ms response time.

These may be modified at run-time that allows the application’s behaviour to be updated without a restart.

The application screens are also configured as a set of JSON templates that are interpreted at run-time allowing for a highly dynamic user-interface generation.

Technologies used are Couchbase cluster, ReactJS, Node.js, Elasticsearch.



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