About us

Who we are

Our deep experience covers a large swathe of varied industries across the continents in multiple economic cycles.

We draw on the latest process innovations around design and development, such as Agile, design thinking, platform thinking and lean start-up.
We reinforce the brand positioning from inception to support. We advise and assist our client partners build the talent capital and suggest culture changes required to transform their product management organization.

We provide a holistic vision, design thinking with lean startup principles and innovative mindset that help our clients navigate through evolution into the future.
We bring in the latest in learnings around continuous integration and continuous delivery with an agile approach as a process backbone to ensure continuity and incremental but rapid evolution.

We offer a wide range of IT legacy modernization services such as

Legacy Software Migration

Repurpose legacy applications

Custom Software Modernization

Leverage the latest in security, scalability and functionality

Cloud Migration

Bridge the gap between the available IT capacity and business demand

UX Modernization

Enhance user experience across all devices
Cloudseed’s Legacy Modernization Services help organizations revolutionize traditional applications that offer friction in delivering value to the stakeholders by helping them migrate to a modern technical and functional architecture. Some of the key drivers of this transformation include SaaS type platformization, cloud adoption, rich user experience with multi-device access capabilities.

Key Objectives

Focus on total cost of ownership

Scaffold existing systems for internal hardening

Refactor obsolete and ‘unliftable’ applications

Monitor the integration while the ‘lift and shift’ migrations are on

Cloudseed Technologies

A technology services partner for some of the world’s leading startups and enterprises.