Cloud Migration

At Cloudseed we help create a cloud strategy that helps your business disrupt, innovate and lead.

There is a myriad of public cloud offerings and platform infrastructure out there. Our team will help navigate the complexity.

Almost every business is using the cloud, but more often than not, it’s implemented to solve individual IT problems, holding it back from having the remarkable business impact it’s capable of.

With a tailored cloud strategy putting technology at the heart of business strategy, the cloud conversation becomes far more than an IT decision. This is where traditional ways of doing things are transformed, business performance is enhanced and enterprise-scale companies can move with the agility of a forward-thinking startup.

The Approach

By building a picture of how technology can help reach business objectives, we align the role of IT departments to support the business’s journey into tomorrow.

Whether your business is already using the cloud or beginning to explore the idea, we assist teams in making the case for cloud adoption at enterprise scale by uncovering the tangible goals and benefits adoption will bring.

Our cloud strategy services enable enterprises to overcome the growing pains and barriers of cloud-first adoption, helping you visualize–and put a plan around–how cloud technology can and will have a truly transformative impact on your business.


Define Goals

Assess what applications and systems are candidates for cloud migration

Understand the security and compliance implications

Forecast the long-term growth objectives of the systems

Assess On-Premise Resources

Take an inventory of all applications in the enterprise their workloads

Order them by business criticality

Assess if any could be sun-setted

Size up Resource Requirements

Based on the criticality and growth factors calculate the cloud resources to be provisioned

Understand the costing across parameters - data, compute, network, security Provision for support

Colocation Needs

Leverage existing hardware investments by migration the physical machines to colocation environment

Data Migration

Understand the data volumes and plan on the right cloud seeding strategy to migrate the existing data
There are many cloud computing platforms and each one has many services which make selecting the right one a tough call. This is where we come in. Whether you are moving everything to the cloud or setting up a hybrid instance, Cloudseed has experienced multiple use cases to assist. By not only considering your immediate goals but long term goals as well, our cloud consultants can guide you on which service is the right fit for your company.

Moving to the Cloud is different for different organizations. At Cloudseed we understand the significance of this journey and thus provide a one-stop solution for a seamless and smooth transition. Our comprehensive range of cloud services include consulting, architecture, design and adoption to management throughout the Cloud life cycle.

We help organizations master the disruptive change brought about by new digital technologies and evolve new business models. We aid and abet the integration of legacy systems with Cloud solutions, maximizing scalability, performance and availability. Our customers benefit from our expertise, frameworks and partnerships. To maximize the potential of cloud computing, we address all the accompanying challenges such as security, availability, performance, compliance, integration and visibility.

Key Objectives

Focus on total cost of ownership
Scaffold existing systems for internal hardening
Refactor obsolete and ‘unliftable’ applications
Monitor the integration while the ‘lift and shift’ migrations are on

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