Datascience & Analytics

Analytics and Big Data promise profound competitive advantages, yet only a small number of enterprises have mastered the right infusion of people, process and technology.Business Intelligence & Analytics fuel innovation and drive insight enabling organizations to leverage the intrinsic value of all of their data.Our deep expertise across domains will help put the right direction in place to achieve the strategic objectives and vision of the future.Our business insights and analytics capabilities include a full range of services, from strategy through deployment, focused on data and analytics, IoT, cloud, mobility, and technology convergence.Cloudseed offers a complete portfolio of analytics services, to rapidly provide insights and accelerate your digital transformation journey. Our robust partner ecosystem allows you to leverage investment while building the analytic solutions of tomorrow.

Rapid Development And Integration

In today’s world of polyglot databases, data is persisted across different databases and data structures powering legacy and mission critical applications. The cross referenced models offer profound insights to answer some of the unfathomable of questions.

We help enterprises derive meaningful insights in their treasure trove of scattered information to impact positive business outcomes.

We offer cloud based BI implementations for faster time to market utilizing technologies such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and others.

Monitor Business on the Go With Native Mobile Apps

Leading enterprises constantly innovate in the data-driven business world.

And, Mobile business intelligence can be the key to monitor and access your business health from any location and at any time.

Using our Power BI consulting services, get the business-critical data at your fingertips and publish custom Power BI dashboards, to consume on the desktop & mobile devices.

With Power BI based Native mobile BI apps for iOS, Android & Windows, users can securely access and view live Power BI reports. Our Power BI consultants can create dynamic business intelligence environment that provides a unique, 360-degree view of your business; in the form of interactive data visuals and personalized reports.

Interactive Visualization for Actionable Intelligence

IoT data transmitted from machine based sensors when correlated with business transaction data, enable superior insightful decision making ability.

It is important that such data is analyzed and visualized to drive deeper understanding of the business. Data manipulation, machine learning, and analytical concepts can help such business leaders in utilizing their data smartly to make educated decisions.

With tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI, enterprises can now dive into advanced analytics to gain sharp insights to predict outcomes & prevent failures of assets/operations.

We can help in strong BI planning & strategy, uncover hidden trends & unknown correlations through stunning visuals to support intelligent decisions.


BI strategy and Roadmap development
Data Modeling & Analytics
Data integration and Workflow solutions
Data warehouse and Data marts
Established Analytics Data Labs
Cloud Migrations
Intuitive Dashboards
Interactive & Customizable reports
Governance and Compliance

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