The Internet of Things (IoT) can not only help you get ahead today, its powerful outcomes and analytics can propel your business far into the future. Cloudseed has helped companies harness the power of IoT to deliver transformative outcomes and tangible business value.

The Internet of Things connects people, places, and products and, in so doing, it offers opportunities of value creation and capture for a full panoply of stakeholders. Organizations, however, should be careful in focusing on IoT initiatives that solve real business problems and create real business value―not just connecting stuff for the sake of connecting stuff.
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Worked on applications for a satellite communications company that offers machine to machine (M2M) communications solutions designed to track, monitor, and control fixed and mobile assets in markets including transportation, heavy equipment, maritime, oil and gas, utilities and government.


Built highly time-sensitive applications using an ultra-scalable IoT backend. The IoT middleware deployed processes events at a rate of over 30,000 events per minute. The asset movements are rendered on the map in Realtime with sub-second latency.

Provided real time analytics to auto summarize data..

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