Product Strategy Advisory

Today's business leaders do not want you to just implement a set of technologies, they want you to conceive the product to be tailor made for the customer experience, the customer journey aligned with the positioning of their brand in the industry. We at Cloudseed help companies reimagine their product strategy and offerings per "where the puck he headed, and not where the puck is at the moment".
We help articulate the strategic roadmap for the product platforms based on the upcoming evolution of cloud, AI, cloud infrastructure and cognitive technologies. The solution rollout plans are detailed out base on what-if scenarios of potential market traction at the various points in time into the future.

Differentiators of an effective product / platform strategy

Research teams explore and develop the differentiating technologies and core attributes for new development projects while product development and management teams evaluate the company’s objectives, market dynamics, and competitive positioning to design and launch products based on the research teams’ innovations.

Product strategy advisors work with the core business leaders to evolve a concept and a roadmap with a focus on the key technology, design and market positioning differentiators. The functional design experts conceptualize the customer experience and user journey with a view of hitting the market in a short period of time to validate the concept and learn from it. The goal is to arrive at a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in the quickest way possible and put in place a feedback loop for the future efforts of the program to learn from and adapt.

There has to be a three-way collaboration between the product strategists, functional designers and the early adopters to align the product with the market environment. This requires a sharp, entrepreneurial and dynamic mindset with a focus on constant learning and speed of execution.
Helping internal product organizations align with market demands and technology realities.

Cloudseed’s Product Strategy experts help the client's product development and operations executives navigate an ever-changing landscape to effectively align for new value delivery.

Our experts will understand, mediate, articulate and design the value delivery in short and rapid increments by effectively building a feedback loop with the key participants and stakeholders to realize opportunities and generate margins.

Our approach is focused on enabling product teams to cut through the clutter and be positioned for shifts in the competitive and capability landscape. We help our client stakeholders and partners through all steps of the conceptualization to capitalization journey.

We leverage experts with deep insight into the industry and perspectives on shifts in the industry and evolutionary trends in technology.

In our experience, most clients we serve are never devoid of ideas. In fact, they have a plethora of ideas that need to be organized and aligned with the technological capabilities to deliver business value. This is usually in contrast to the day to day challenges of internal IT that has the responsibility to keep-the-lights-on and constantly patch the existing products that forces them to develop tactical tunnel vision.

Our key insights will help identify

Who are the true stakeholders

Feature priority, identify what is nice to have and must have

Can we leverage cross product platform thinking and work with industry partners?

How are the startups in this space thinking?

Are investments on open-source platforms relatively future-proof.

Are the technologies mature for implementation?

Introduce the concepts of data science to shift from passive reporting to active predictions.

Our experts will help rationalize the various existing product capabilities and rationalize a shift to a leaner and more agile product capability framework.
They will help lay a roadmap for platform optimization that is aligned better with existing customer demands and strategic vision and aspirations of the product leadership.

ROI Matters

We will help sequence the functional delivery with business value realization to achieve constant commitment and focus from the corporate leadership.

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