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We are a company built on a foundation of strong technologies and global experience. Our team is composed of experts with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds, who have worked with startups and Fortune 100 companies alike. We have a passion for technology and a drive to stay at the forefront of industry developments. Our team is constantly learning and adapting to new technologies, which allows us to offer our clients the most advanced solutions. Our experience spans various industries, and we have a proven track record of success in helping companies of all sizes with their IT needs. We understand that every business is unique, and we tailor our solutions to fit each client's specific requirements. Our approach is to work closely with our clients, from the initial assessment to the final implementation, to ensure that the solutions we provide are a perfect fit for their needs. Effective communication and collaboration are vital to delivering successful projects, and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Whether you're a startup looking to establish a strong IT foundation or a Fortune 100 company looking to optimize your IT infrastructure, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. We are committed to excellence and delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Why Cloudseed?

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We strive to disrupt traditional industries and shape the future, by constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with technology, and by challenging the status quo to find new and innovative solutions. We stay attuned to the latest developments in the tech world, and we actively seek out partnerships and collaborations that can help us bring new and advanced solutions to our clients.

We Innovate

As a technology company, we are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and bring the latest and greatest innovations to our clients. We have a dedicated team of experts that constantly research and evaluate new technologies to see how they can be applied to the problems our clients are facing. We also foster a culture of experimentation and encourage our team members to come up with new and unique ideas. Additionally, we actively seek out partnerships and collaborations with other companies and organizations that are at the forefront of technological advancements. By staying attuned to the latest developments in the tech world and being willing to take risks and try new things, we are able to continuously offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

We Collaborate

As a technology company, we place a strong emphasis on collaboration, both internally and externally. Internally, we foster an environment where team members from different departments and levels of experience can come together to share ideas and work on projects. We continuously encourage and incentivize cross-functional teams to work together.  Externally, we actively seek out partnerships and collaborations with other companies, academic institutions, and organizations in order to share knowledge, and resources and to jointly develop new technologies. By fostering a culture of collaboration and actively seeking out partnerships, we are able to bring new perspectives and ideas to our projects and make the best use of the resources available to us.

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Western Aqua, Whitefields, HITEC City, Hyderabad, TS 500081, India.


2 Ncondo Place, Ridgeside Dr, Umhlanga Ridge, Durban, 4320, South Africa.


3, Third Floor, Sri Radha Towers, Namachivaya Nagar, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore - 641035, TN, India.

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1211 Olivera Terr, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 USA.

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Founder at Cloudseed Technologies



A master of scale, Sid’s Silicon Valley Experience includes serving Cap Gemini Ernst & Young as Head of  Technology. His work included the implementation of large solutions in the Banking sector, India’s largest Oracle ERP deployment and large CRM systems.  Sid’s expertise includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Sid holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA.

Linkedin Profile Sidhartha Meka
Vice President at Cloudseed Technologies


Chief Customer Officer

LeRoy is a veteran Technology Leader with experience in platforms, Internet of Things, Software Integration and Operational Excellence. He served as Senior Director at Visa Inc. and held leadership positions at Genentech, Deloitte and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. LeRoy holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering from Wichita State University, USA.

Llinkedin Profile Leroy Ratnayake