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Cloudseed provides services for modernizing legacy systems, including mainframe assets, application interfaces, and business processes. Our re-engineering approach simplifies the application landscape and improves functionality while migrating the code base to more current architecture, technologies, and platforms.

Our modernization toolkit, which prioritizes cloud technology, includes a unique evaluation framework to gather information about current legacy systems, determine the importance of specific applications, and establish the desired outcome. This assessment aids in streamlining code and applications. Automated tools are employed to identify and extract the underlying business logic and rules from outdated software. By utilizing our specialized tools and techniques, we are able to lower project expenses and timelines, minimize the risk of modernization programs, and guarantee continued business operations.

Cloudseed provides a variety of optimization options for outdated mainframe applications, such as batch processing, databases, storage, and inventory management. We use a modular approach to modernization that maximizes current IT investments and utilizes readily available commercial products for standardized features. Additionally, we blend traditional software development and infrastructure management methods with modern Agile, Scrum, and DevOps practices and tools. Our Application Programming Interfaces (API) enablement process allows for the enhancement of capabilities through collaboration with developers and partners.

In today's digital age, it is essential for organizations to modernize their systems in order to create a responsive and resilient application landscape that can operate at an enterprise level.

Updating outdated systems is no longer a choice, it is a necessity for businesses to stay competitive. Cloudseed assists companies in improving their IT infrastructure by seamlessly integrating cloud, open-source software, and advanced technologies. Our modernization approach employs small, incremental changes to streamline the process and minimize disruptions.

It is evident that many public sector organizations have not been successful in modernizing their IT systems, as a large portion of their IT budget is still dedicated to maintaining legacy systems. This can be attributed to a variety of factors such as limited scope, slow implementation, or other obstacles that hinder modernization efforts.

Cloudseed merges various capabilities to assist clients in tackling challenges and hastening modernization efforts, allowing them to attain desired outcomes from their investments with minimal risk and interruption.

With decades of experience in legacy modernization across various industries, we have adapted the best practices from over 300 modernization programs for clients in multiple industries, including the public sector. Our services and frameworks are aligned with industry-leading COTS software partners and offer end-to-end legacy modernization through our Accelerate, Renew and Transform framework, which includes optimization, rehosting, API enablement, re-engineering, and COTS implementation. We have a team of 2,000 modernization experts, supported by 20 proprietary modernization tools that automate legacy modernization initiatives, ensuring 100% migration of business logic and user-interface components.

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