Salesforce CRM platform allows Busamed hospital to concentrate on its patients

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February 1, 2023
With the help of Cloudseed, Busamed hospital successfully implemented the Salesforce Sales Cloud solution in 8 countries, even during a global pandemic.
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Busamed aimed to provide care for approximately 100,000 patients using a team of approximately 400. To achieve this goal, they planned to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that would standardize processes and streamline the patient experience.

The solution involved working with Cloudseed to implement the Salesforce Sales Cloud, customize the patient journey, and give users a comprehensive view of the patient.

When Busamed, a leading medical hospital, wanted to improve care for its 100,000 patients, it recognized the potential to enhance patient care management by streamlining the process and proactively reaching out to patients.

A global solution for a global organization

In order to improve customer service and tailor experiences to individual needs, Busamed Medical aimed to introduce a new CRM platform. This would enable the organization to standardize data storage and usage, allowing teams to collaborate and ensure a unified understanding of customer requirements and circumstances across the company.

With this understanding in mind, Busamed Medical chose Salesforce CRM technology as the solution. The company partnered with Cloudseed to adopt an agile method of development by implementing a series of brief sprints. Through these collaborative efforts, Busamed Medical was able to create a platform that was fully integrated with its other systems, providing teams around the globe with a comprehensive view of their patients. Additionally, automation and standardization reduced human error and prevented knowledge loss due to employee absences or turnover.

Advancing towards the future, Busamed Medical will continue to strive for innovation in the healthcare industry. With the emergence of new digital technology, the organization expects to improve its own operations and transform the way patients interact with healthcare providers.

Customer contact is evolving through omnichannel communication. As technology advances and individuals become increasingly mobile, they are seeking new methods of connection that better suit their needs. The goal is to be as adaptable as possible to ensure that individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life feel comfortable seeking assistance during stressful times.

By providing the ability to communicate through SMS, mobile apps, and video calls, healthcare organizations like Busamed Medical will empower users to have a more customized experience. This strategy opens up a new way for Busamed to connect with its users and ensure that essential medical information is easily accessible to those who require it.

"The presence of AI is ubiquitous in today's society, including in the medical field. In the future, our users will have the convenience of easily accessing information about our equipment without the need to wait for a response. This will simply serve as an additional option for them to select their preferred method of communication."

As the healthcare industry progresses, Busamed hospital envisions a dynamic future utilizing predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital interfaces that allow patients to access experts in any manner and at any time. Despite the introduction of new technologies, the hospital remains dedicated to its primary focus: providing exceptional care for its patients.

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