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Now more than ever, businesses must be resilient and able to adapt to unexpected situations in order to ensure continuity. To achieve this, they must rethink their operations and be prepared to handle impact, anticipate and respond quickly to change, and recover effectively. Data and insights are key in building resilience, as they allow businesses to identify new opportunities, potential threats, changing customer needs, and the competitive landscape, and to use this information to drive innovation, increase productivity, grow, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and optimize asset usage. Artificial Intelligence can help businesses harness the power of data to drive transformation and create value. We assist our clients in adopting this data-driven approach to achieve success.

Cloudseed helps businesses shift from using data for specific, isolated purposes to building the necessary capabilities to monetize data on a larger scale. This process starts with identifying specific opportunities for data-driven value creation within the business and then creating a roadmap to gradually develop the necessary skills and technologies. This may include modernizing core systems, creating intelligent systems that can analyze data and make connections, and using Artificial Intelligence to create a flexible and adaptable enterprise that can keep pace with the digital world.

To modernize, it is necessary to unlock the data and insights within outdated systems and create a flexible network of foundational services. This foundation can be broken down into components that can be rearranged and automated to adapt to changing circumstances. This process may also involve updating or replacing core systems that are central to the business.

After separating data from the core systems, the next step is to digitize the data supply chain and turn it into a valuable asset that can be analyzed and used to inform data-driven decision-making throughout the business. We have done this for several retail clients, using machine learning to enhance the logic for real-time product recommendations.

We use various Artificial Intelligence models to solve business problems in a largely automated, expert-assisted manner, allowing for continuous learning and improvement. 

Our analytics services and solutions from Cloudseed can aid any organization in expanding and standing out among its competitors. We locate scenarios that align with your business goals and develop analytics solutions with the appropriate expertise and technologies to meet your requirements. By utilizing your data, we can enhance the long-term growth, resilience, and performance of your organization.

Data transformation: Transforming data is essential for an enterprise to achieve its goals. By storing data on the cloud, it can be enhanced and made more valuable.

Search and content analytics: Unlock the potential of unstructured data such as text, images, and voice through the use of search, analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning techniques.

By utilizing data and analytics, we help your business reinvent its performance and deliver sustainable value through intelligent operations. Our focus on responsible practices ensures that your business is well-equipped to continue growing and thriving.

Data and analytics strategy: We will use a data-driven approach to connect your analytics initiatives to measurable business results.

Cloudseed specializes in creating personalized tools that enable employees to easily utilize data and quickly begin their journey toward implementing artificial intelligence. We also offer pre-made analytics and AI solutions for common issues, as well as customized options for more specific requirements.

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