Unleashing the potential of data for advertising purposes

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February 1, 2023
An Advertising agency teams up with Cloudseed to strengthen its dominance in advertising by utilizing the capabilities of data and AI.
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As a starting point in its transformation process, the Advertising agency aimed to utilize Artificial Intelligence to optimize the revenue generated from digital content, catering to both advertising-supported and paid business models. The success of this plan hinged on the capability to segment the audience based on demographic characteristics like age, gender, and interests, and deliver precisely targeted advertising and content offerings.

Balancing Tradition and Digital Advertising

As internet-based ad revenue is projected to surpass non-digital, traditional ad providers face challenges from a few dominant OTT digital players who personalize ads to individual consumers. Meanwhile, new methods of purchasing digital ad inventory emerge.

If traditional publishers and TV companies don't take prompt action, they will face a decline in advertising revenue as advertisers flock to rival digital platforms. However, by adopting the right operational, organizational, and technology strategies, these companies can not only protect their position but also generate new sources of revenue by seamlessly blending traditional and digital platforms and adopting innovative digital operating models.

The advertising agency recognized that Cloudseed's extensive expertise in transforming businesses through digital disruption would propel it toward its objectives faster.

Approach and Outcome

Maximizing Data Value with Advanced Analytics

Cloudseed leveraged its expertise in media industry data monetization and cutting-edge analytics capabilities to drive change at the advertising agency. The company capitalized on Cloudseed’s proven success in advertising and content initiatives. Cloudseed empowered the advertising agency to gather data from all internal and affiliate digital sources, enhance it with first-party data, create highly-targeted micro-segments (factors such as age, gender, and interests), and monetize it through customized B2B advertising products and B2C digital marketing initiatives.

Unleashing Revolutionary Results through the Power of Applied Intelligence:

By merging their knowledge of industry and analytics with advanced machine-learning algorithms, Cloudseed's Applied Intelligence data scientists are empowering the advertising agency to harness the power of new intelligence and generate greater value from their advertising efforts.

These are three separate marketing goals

  1. To accurately segment the audience into smaller groups and predict advertising inventory needs
  2. To increase the likelihood of the general audience subscribing to the digital newspaper and increase paid readership
  3. To analyze the behavior of current subscribers in terms of potential churn, opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

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