Robotic Process Automation

Cloudseed’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering can deliver automated and improved business processes required to make your organization more effective, and increase capacity in your teams.

Across industries, millions of human hours are spent every day performing the same repetitive tasks day in and day out. Freeing up those employees and leveraging them for creative tasks prove to be rewarding not only for the enterprises but also for the employees themselves.

Software robots have the potential to transform the workplace of today just as dramatically as the machines of the Industrial Revolution changed the factory floor. Software robots powered by RPA toolsets are helping do just that.

Will RPA Reduce Potential for Human error?

Allowing software to execute software will reduce error, leaving people to do what people do best.

Why Robotic Process Automation?

There are greater benefits of RPA solutions that go beyond just cost reduction Decreased cycle times and improved throughput Flexibility and scalability of business processes Improved accuracy of otherwise manual activities Improved employee morale – enables them to focus on decision making and creative work. Enables time for innovation and improvement of customer satisfaction.

What Applications Can RPA Automate?

RPA solutions are completely application and technology-agnostic. We will assess your needs and match your requirements with technology that suits your purposes. This means you can adopt them without making any changes to existing systems wherever employees are currently managing rule-based processes manually.

What Processes are Suitable for Automation?

Any process that is repeatable and has specific and defined interactions with IT applications may be automated. This saves the time and resources required to enable those process integrations by coding low-level API level integrations that may entail additional expenses such as ERP license fees, consulting and deployment.

RPA driven software bots perform the manual business processes by mimicking the way that people use the applications through the user interface and follow simple rules to make decisions. The entire end-to-end processes can be automatically performed by the bots that do not require human interaction.

Our Value Proposition?

Our experienced process automation designers will work with your team in every step of the automation maturity journey.

Business case Discovery

Identify the target process across the business and build a business case to enable automation.

Rapid Implementation

Our consultants will rapidly create a prototype that follows the “happy day scenario’ in a matter of days. Rest of the business and system exceptions will be discovered, documented and addressed.

Change Management

We will work with your tea to ensure the RPA enabled processes are accepted by your team and are operationalized.

Post Deployment Support

The bots will be monitored and managed to ensure optimum ROI. Additional system exceptions will be addressed during continuous operational monitoring.

How do we get started?

As RPA experts, Cloudseed will guide you through the practical evaluation and adoption of this powerful range of new technologies.

The RPA vendor ecosystem offers a breadth of tools, both packaged and cloud hosted from bot builders, to information extractors from printed materials.

From initial strategic advisory, through to full implementation, your RPA journey with Cloudseed will typically be completed within eight weeks for key processes. These are then supported as a managed service, eliminating the need to acquire in-house technology platforms and IT expertise.

We at Cloudseed can help navigate the marketplace with a product-agnostic approach and in a managed services model to help steer and accelerate the implementation of RPA and AI-based automation.

Global organizations are rushing to achieve their digital transformation goals by picking one of the RPA vendors, identifying internal use-cases and conducting proof-of-concepts.

1. Discover RPA: 3 Hr. Free Workshop

A FREE 3 call with our principals, to help you to answer “Is RPA right for my organization?” Features a business presentation, Q&A and technical session.

2. Requirements Deep Dive (2-4 hours)

A series of structured 2-hour online video calls with our engineering team, to discover the RPA opportunity.

You will also have a prioritized list of 6-10 processes, ranked according to a payback model based on return on investment (ROI) which will be used to generate a proposal.

3. Robot Construction (3-6 weeks)

Our RPA Factory will build your robots for you, test in your sandbox, and perfect your robot army in multiple 2-week sprints.

4. Training and Deployment (1 day)

Our RPA Engineering team will install the RPA robots and platform, thoroughly test and train your operations team, and document operations.

5. On-Going Support

We provide you software updates, fine tuning of your robots and monitoring of your system.

Client Success


Reduction in transaction turnaround time

USD 200,000+

Savings per day


Reduction in customer call center volumes (with chatbots)


Reduction speed of implementation, compared with traditional IT integration projects

Leroy Ratnayake

Practice Head

Veteran Technology Leader, with experience in platforms, Internet-of-Things, Software Integration and Operational Excellence. His Leadership in the Silicon Valley spanned Visa, Genentech, Deloitte and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

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